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Volunteer + Tourism = Voluntourism

ANKURI offers a unique, bonding opportunity for travelers who want an in depth understanding of the lives of rural people in the beautiful, majestic foothills of the Himalayas. You can volunteer for a short or long program in the knitting center or the literacy center.

Volunteers before you have been reluctant to leave because of their connection with the women and children and their appreciation of how much impact even a brief amount of caring can have on the lives of our village people When you do leave you will do so with the knowledge that the profits from the homestay are put back into sustaining Ankuri’s programs.

You will stay at Thikana at Bharatwala, Rachna Dushyant Singh’s small boutique Home Stay. On the same grounds as the Ankuri programs, you will be housed in one of two artfully decorated, Indian motif rooms in a separate building.